Yoga and Pregnancy

36 weeks and going strong! Prenatal yoga and pre-pregnancy yoga has helped tremendously with my 3rd pregnancy. There’s plenty of research regarding prenatal yoga and its benefits, however, this blog post is not a research paper. This is intended to share my story and experience with yoga, wellness, and pregnancy.

Each pregnancy I’ve gone to prenatal yoga classes. For the 1st pregnancy I thought they were boring! For the 2nd, I needed them to relieve sciatica and stress. Now I need to move in a safe and warm environment. “Regular” vinyasa yoga classes are out of reach for me when pregnant. Other women may be able to do it, but I get dizzy. Practicing with other pregnant mamas is nice for bonding and sharing low points and high points. And there are a lot of complaints, because when you are pregnant you are allowed to complain carte blanche.

Practicing yoga diligently for the five years between pregnancies has made this one smoother and less painful. I keep waiting for the sciatica to set in, but it hasn’t reared its ugly head yet. A friend reminded me that all the yoga I had been doing probably helped a lot.

The point of this short post is that I’m not a writer. No, the real point is yoga before, during, and after pregnancy realigns the body, centers the mind, and has helped ease or eliminate pregnancy aches and pains.

Thank you to my dear friend for encouraging me to start blogging!