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My Approach

To bring more people on the mat. I teach in the studio, virtual, and on demand.

My Story

Yoga & Pilates feeds the need to move the body and reset the mind. I began my professional life as a civil engineer. During my time “in the office”, I found myself practicing yoga & Pilates more and more on a regular basis. While my career was challenging and rewarding, there was a desire to move and dig deeper. Yoga & Pilates has been the path for physicality and growth in my life. My practice started in college and continues to grow 20 years later!

Now I’m a mom of three children, and life gets busy. I’m thankful to have a fitness regimen based on mindfulness and reminds us to slow down, breathe, and release any expectations and judgment.

I am certified in Yoga and Pilates, and I continue training and educating myself in both modes of fitness.

Next Steps...

For information about yoga practice at your home, work, or studio, please call 770-549-5283.