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My Approach

To bring more yogis on the mat that might not have the time to regularly practice by going to their place to practice whether it’s in the studio, at their place, or via YouTube.

My Story

I studied to become a civil and environmental engineer and have worked in this field since 2005. During my time “in the office” from 2005-2012, I found myself practicing yoga more and more on a regular basis. Over time I went from new yogi to yoga enthusiast. Sitting at the office, while rewarding professionally was not rewarding physically or spiritually. Yoga fed the need to move the body and reset the mind. In 2012, a career shift created a space for internal reflection and prioritization. I was now able to work on the projects I wanted to work on and move in the direction I wanted to move. In 2017, I  completed my yoga certification for Integrative Vinyasa Flow at Highland Yoga in Atlanta, GA to make my dreams a reality. Yoga has helped to keep a youthful optimism regarding all aspects of life. Currently, I split my time between working as a contract civil engineer and teaching yoga. We manifest our own destiny!

Next Steps...

For information about yoga practice at your home, work, or studio, please call 770-549-5283.